I remembered this story after watching "The Crown" on Netflix. In the photo the Queen as we saw her in Bayeux on June 6th, 2014 during the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. It is a funny story how Back to Normandy | Fred Vogels could help a QBP on a British destroyer in the Orient (Shanghai). The mail conversation, somewhere 17 years ago:

Hello Fred - just got on your website by using google. We are celebrating the QBP in S..... next Monday and require to play the National Anthem (instrumental version). Can you help us?


Hello F....

What should I help you with?

By the way, what is QBP?



QBP - Queen's Birthday Party

I work for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as a system administrator based in the .........- China.

We are having a party next Monday (QBP) and I am required to play the British National Anthem (Instrumental version).

Looking for the MP3 download but can only find it with vocal - hope you can help out.


Hi F....

Yes I can help you

It is in the download area: xx called God save the Queen

I have made it just recently and it is a complete version

Good luck with it and tell the people about the website

Sincerely Fred

Cheers! Got it now.

Before I press the play button on Monday, could you please confirm that your download version is the original/official version of the UK Anthem?

That's all very nice! I appreciate it

It was a disaster... found 12,956 different versions of the anthem yesterday but... with vocals. Was denied by our consul general.

You have made my day! Thanks a lot, Fred


As far as I know, it is the official version

You should try: sing the lyrics to the music

If you are really English, you will know?.. :D

Good luck and tell me how it was



A few days later

Fred - just so you know... went fine, we still can't define the 'official' version of the anthem but we managed to play your orchestral version without making 'any' noise from the 160 top officials invited. We did QBP and party on the front deck on board the HMS E.... (Royal Navy destroyer stationed in the S..... port for a week).

pretty much it! was great - a toast to you from all the staff involved in the preparation of this event!



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