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Birds' Back to Normandy

A message from General Eisenhower

Back to Normandy - Message from the past

Back to Normandy for Concert band

Do you want to play a composition by Fred Vogels about the story of D-Day? With the original pictures?! Experience yourself the first hours of D-Day, the preparation, and the first shooting of the Taskforce on the Normandy coast.

I combined a few original Back to Normandy compositions into one complete version to play with a video. 

You can order the music here: 

The Holland Legion Band (Michigan, USA) played this composition during their tour in France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and in the USA.

Back to Normandy - Music for Concertband

On 16 April 2018, the website Back-to-Normandy ( will exist for exactly 15 years. The preparations to start this website started in June/July 2002 after my first visit to Normandy during the celebrations of D-Day (yearly on June 6th). It was an intense period with many beautiful, touching moments and I was introduced to the most impressive and important period of the last hundred years.

The coast of Normandy is a place where the biggest invasion army ever, with assistance from the greatest maritime fleet ever, landed to start the liberation of West Europe. On a yearly basis, the eighty-kilometer-long frontline changes into a touristic attraction with the main attraction being the veterans that ‘were there'. Every veteran, recognizable by the heaps of medallions on their chest, seems to have personally liberated the Nazi-occupied North Western part of Europe. They will tell their story to whoever w ...

Back to Normandy - Music inspired by d-day

In 2003 I wrote this music after I visited Omaha Beach for the second time. After this visit, I started

Today I made this video to - more or less - explain what the music is about. I borrowed images from the internet and from myself. I hope they (the owners of the images) won't mind. It is not a commercial project. Just my way to remember these veterans and Omaha Beach.
Old soldiers neve ...

Back to Normandy - Old soldiers never die, they just face away

Omaha Beach Honor and Sacrifice - Main Theme. How I wrote this music.

Back to Normandy - Omaha Beach Honor and Sacrifice - Main Theme

Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks made a wonderful film: Saving Private Ryan. My idol John Willams wrote the music. I never suspected that I would write the music for the same subject - with the men who were really there. On Omaha Beach.

Narrated by Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster Tim McCarver

Original Music by Fred Vogels (

On D-Day, June 6, 1944, the green 29th Infantry Division faced some of the most brutal fightings on Omaha Beach. 

Perhaps the worst area on the beach was Dog Green, directly in front of strong points guarding the Vierville draw and under heavy flanking fire from emplacements to the west, near Pointe de la Percee. Company A of the 116th [29th Division] was due to land on this sector with Company C of the 2nd Rangers on its right flank, and both units came in on their targets. One of the six LCA’s carrying Company A [116th Regiment,29th Division] foundered about a thousand yards of shore ...

Back to normandy - Omaha Beach Honor and Sacrifice - trailer

Back to Normandy - Omaha Beach The Score, a composition made in the early years.

Back to Normandy - Omaha Beach The Score

The Beginning of Operation Overlord

Back to Normandy - Operation Overlord

My personal view on how to retrieve peace:  

Back to Normandy - Peace is yet to come